Friday, February 19, 2010

Glade Riders

Building up an army I added some more power - cavalry. These were painted 1999. I actually ever liked to have a nice large woodelves cavalry army. The 5th edition fluff for these was nice. They were on par with bretons! (fluffwise)

Maybe I add some better photos later. But I wanna push this blog forward because I wanna show you my latest creations :)

As you see, I used the nice decals on the shields. The shields have a pretty simple wooden look. I just used bleached bone (the old one!) as base and added some (old!) flesh wash to get the grain. I don't like it when people start to paint wood grain in stripes. Think of these lines when you scale the 28mm model to a 2m tall elf. Same technique on spears. The metal parts were painted black -> drybrushed jade green -> drybrushed bronze (or something like that) -> dry gold for final shimmer.

The champion has a really nice black horse. I haven't a good photo of it. His spear broke once after it was painted. So some color chipped of, too. Therefore I added the green rings as decoration - especially around the grip.
I also have a photo of the standard bearer and his white horse. BEWARE!
The next miniature is ugly. Protect yourself. You may fall of the chair due to loud laughter.

On some of the pictures you can see parts of a barded horse. That one belongs to the General. I painted the horse at the same time. The General itself is not really finishedyet. So no pictures from him at this time.