Monday, October 13, 2008

Still with enamels

no coments... these are from the same period However the pictures aren't that old. The building in the back is from the 6th edition Warhammer starter box

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The story began

How to

When I was really young a friend of mine hat battlemasters. I loved that game but my parents haven't bought it for me. I wasn't really unhappy because I did not know where to unfold the gaming "landscape - and I could go to my friend for gaming!
A bit later HeroQuest was released and I got a basic game. I liked it but my friends weren't big fans of the game.
Then there was nothing like table top in my life.

Many years later I buyed my very first white dwarf. The 5th edition of WHFB was released. It also contained two plastic skinks - and I was on fire. I like Fantasy stuff and I like modelling - but I'm not such a big fan of trains like my brother is. Therefore I really liked the idea of a wargaming game like Warhammer. I painted the two skinks with enamels. Thes are really my first painted mini's (if I remember right)

The photo is as bad as the paint job. Later I recognized that the HeroQuest minis are the same scale. I cannot remember in which order I painted them all. At least the pics are nice :)

The Alb was blacklined afterwards with a fine liner. Despite its bad paintjob I use him as tree-singing sorcerer sometimes - because he is painted and others aren't.

The Sorcerer is one of my worst paintjobs ever.... but this is how I started painting.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Time to start this blog :-)
Time by time I will also post every mini I ever painted... at least I try!

Today I finished a new Woodelf archer. I'm pretty happy how the face came out however on the photo is doesn't look as good as in reality. I'm a bit unhappy with the belt and the jewels... but that is a well-known problem.

The photo also shows me some little white areas where you can the the white undercoat.
Most areas constist of only one layer! For that, the cloak came out great. I believe, that no further highlighting is needed.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

my workstation

I think the best way to start a YAMB (yet another miniature blog) is posting my workstation. Here it is... the place where I work on one of my hobbies.... fantasy wargaming miniatures.

Here is another picture of the same place: