Monday, October 13, 2008

The story began

How to

When I was really young a friend of mine hat battlemasters. I loved that game but my parents haven't bought it for me. I wasn't really unhappy because I did not know where to unfold the gaming "landscape - and I could go to my friend for gaming!
A bit later HeroQuest was released and I got a basic game. I liked it but my friends weren't big fans of the game.
Then there was nothing like table top in my life.

Many years later I buyed my very first white dwarf. The 5th edition of WHFB was released. It also contained two plastic skinks - and I was on fire. I like Fantasy stuff and I like modelling - but I'm not such a big fan of trains like my brother is. Therefore I really liked the idea of a wargaming game like Warhammer. I painted the two skinks with enamels. Thes are really my first painted mini's (if I remember right)

The photo is as bad as the paint job. Later I recognized that the HeroQuest minis are the same scale. I cannot remember in which order I painted them all. At least the pics are nice :)

The Alb was blacklined afterwards with a fine liner. Despite its bad paintjob I use him as tree-singing sorcerer sometimes - because he is painted and others aren't.

The Sorcerer is one of my worst paintjobs ever.... but this is how I started painting.
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