Thursday, July 30, 2009

My very first Woodelves

Logo of the first editionImage via Wikipedia

After painting the Lizards I decided playing Elves. I always loved Elves especially in the German RPG "Das Schwarze Auge" ("The Dark Eye" for my international readers). This was '98 I think.
However the high elves looked foreign to me. The Wood Elves (as they looked in the 4th and 5th edition) were more familiar to me. Only the Punks aka Wardancers weren't my favorites. Hence I got a box of these cheap terrible plastic unipose archers. The Champion was a gift from the shop owner where I buyed all my stuff. He just started selling Warhammer (more or less) and got it from GW for free. It's a metal waywatcher model. Back in these times I thought every regiment should have a banner. Well...
Actually this is one of my worst paint jobs I did ever. However I tried something like dipping - but I used a brush and washes....

Now I wrote enough boring stuff from my beginnings. Here are my Woodies from the 90s (please don't laugh):

I won't post a bigger picture... the paintjob is not so good.
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Hero Quest minis from same period

After and during the Lizards I still experimented with enamels and Hero Quest Miniatures. Here are the remaining minis. They were painted ca '98, too. (I'm a bit proud for the ambient of the pictures)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi there!

I got a increasing number of visits for this blog. Sure there is just a single reason: I'm part of a bit more modern type of classic web ring - The WFB Allies.
I greet all readers of WFB Allies and would like to explain my blog which is a bit different.

I started Warhammer in 1997. Well... actually I started more or less frequently gaming 2008. In the 90's I played less than 10 games. However I continued buying stuff and painting... However - to be honest - I rarely found time. So this blog is created to show my slow but continuous progress in getting my stuff painted. I think it's pretty nice to see someone's progress in becoming a good painter. The special of this blog is, that I really want to show you ANY mini I painted ever in chronological order. I don't know exactly where the Woodelves where that I painted after the skinks. Hence the Update Rate of this blog is pretty low. However this reflects my painting speed ;)

so... that was my first blog post since I'm an Ally