Friday, March 6, 2009

Skinks and Saurus Warriors

After the knights I experimented with some techniques:

Here: Dry brushed Skinks
I remember pretty well what I did.
1. primed black
2. dry brushed with Goblin Green (and painted bases)
3. painted the fins with Elf Flesh
4. added Details
5. cut a gras mat and used it for bases

And pretty much the same with Saurus Warriors

And here I learned that you should never never never leave mold lines

5th Edition Brets

After I painted my HeroQuest minis and the Skinks from White Dwarf I finally got the starter Box. The Box contained Lizardmen and Bretons. I think I started with another knight first. I used metalic blue enamel on a horse and shiny silver. Well, that Knight was never finished. But then I bought Citadel's acrylic paint and as you can see: I painted 3 Knights.

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