Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi there!

I got a increasing number of visits for this blog. Sure there is just a single reason: I'm part of a bit more modern type of classic web ring - The WFB Allies.
I greet all readers of WFB Allies and would like to explain my blog which is a bit different.

I started Warhammer in 1997. Well... actually I started more or less frequently gaming 2008. In the 90's I played less than 10 games. However I continued buying stuff and painting... However - to be honest - I rarely found time. So this blog is created to show my slow but continuous progress in getting my stuff painted. I think it's pretty nice to see someone's progress in becoming a good painter. The special of this blog is, that I really want to show you ANY mini I painted ever in chronological order. I don't know exactly where the Woodelves where that I painted after the skinks. Hence the Update Rate of this blog is pretty low. However this reflects my painting speed ;)

so... that was my first blog post since I'm an Ally


Sigmar said...

Greetings Ally. I wasn't sure whether or not you#d be interested in this but we now have a battle reports search engine set up which links to the Battle Hub where there are 150+ Fantasy Battle Reports. If you want to add the code to your site, it's here:-

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Reporter Search Engine